Carbon Free Events

Our partnering programme maintains focus on regenerating the de-forested areas within the Western Highlands of Cameroon, where more than 2,000,000 trees have been successfully planted, with help from 171 farm cooperatives...

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Carbon Free Events - Ethiopia

Look to Western Central Ethiopia and the innovative Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union set up a partnership with our grassroots project leaders, driving a programme that led to over 250,000 community members... 

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Carbon Free Events - Kenya

Teams on the ground in Central and Western Kenya have been successful in planting well over 4,500,000 seeds. Made possible through the creation of strategic demonstration farms, local people and community representatives gain a...

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Carbon Free Events - Cameroon

Our tree planting partners in Tanzania work tirelessly to prepare and deliver workshops on tree planting and environmental conservation practices. At least 1,500,000 seeds have been distributed through their outreach projects, with a focus toward...

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Carbon Free Events - Uganda

Uganda faces a unique problem in that only a quarter of the country's lands are fit for cultivation. Include an ever-increasing population who rely on firewood for fuel and deforestation becomes a critical problem. In Uganda...

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