By planting trees, we bring sustainable sources of food, shelter and income to families in the developing world, freeing them from the constraints of short term aid relief.

Carbon Free Events - Africa's Crisis

Africa's Crisis

Africa faces two major challenges: Providing employment opportunities for millions of young Africans and bringing an end to the devastating cycles of food crises.

Young people are forced to search for work in towns and cities, sometimes many miles from home. Climate change is beginning to destroy the lands and rivers that millions of African people rely on for food, income and shelter, forcing farmers to overuse unsustainable soils and continue with outdated farming techniques.

Our Approach

We work across the continent, fighting unemployment and hunger in Africa, by supporting Agroforestry projects that reforest areas destroyed in the hunt for fuel and urban development.
Trees that are planted in these Agroforestry systems provide fodder, wood, fuel, fruits, nuts, resins, gums, medicines and more goods that have a high market value.

Each tree is an opportunity for change.

Carbon Free Events - Our Approach
Carbon Free Events - Lives Changed

Lives Changed

Income from Agroforestry enables our participating communities to develop local infrastructure such as wells, piped water, store houses, roads and bridges along with purchasing livestock, sending children to school and paying for medical treatment.

Children are taught in school about responsible land use and sustainable farming techniques.
Co-operatives are established at a community level to ensure equal share of the benefits and responsibilities.


Carbon Free Events & our tree planting partner The Green Earth Appeal have teams across the African continent working to establish sustainability and to end poverty for good. 

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