Uganda faces a unique problem in that only a quarter of the country's lands are fit for cultivation. Include an ever-increasing population who rely on firewood for fuel and deforestation becomes a critical problem.

In Uganda soils are severely degraded and the land available for farmers is decreasing rapidly. Unfortunately, farmers are still expected to provide the same amount of crop yield, which is becoming an unmanageable task.

Forward thinking organisations have risen to the problem, distributing 200,000 seeds to assist communities in the production of firewood and livestock fodder, which in turn will reverse the poor soil quality and land fertility. With eyes set to the future, our partnering groups have established ninety nurseries across Uganda, enabling the distribution of more than 4,500,000 seeds.

Tree-planting projects have been well received in communities and tree nursery management training and agroforestry workshops helped a record 700,000 trees to be planted.

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