We make it simple for Online Event Management and Ticketing Companies to dramatically add value to every event they manage through their online business.

Be known as the Ticket Merchant who fights poverty and offsets carbon footprints.

Being as passionate about reducing carbon footprints as we are about supporting life changing projects for rural communities in developing world countries. You have an opportunity to work with a market differentiating service like no other.

Empower your customers with the ability to change lives.

You Can Expect:

  • To plant enough fruit trees to offset the CO2e produced by the unavoidable environmental impact of each attendee.
  • Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Recognition for all the trees planted on behalf of your events, in the form of individually verified certificates.
  • A professional landing page, unique to your venue or management company, informing visitors about our partnership and clearly displays a ticker counting up the ongoing total of trees planted through your events.
  • E-certificates can be individually emailed to attendees and exhibitors, prompting engagement through social media and the unique "Carbon Free Events" landing page.

To further enrich the impact of your partnership with Carbon Free Events, we will work to give you the opportunity of extending the lifetime of your events through:

  • PR/social media campaigns following an event, talking of the positive environmental and social achievements.
  • Your company will receive free nomination to the highly coveted Green Apple Awards held at the Houses of Parliament.


Plant the seeds of hope and work with us to create a feel good factor like no other.

Contact us today and be involved in making a real difference.


Want to offset the Carbon Footprint of your business?

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