Event Venues

Carbon Free Events - Excel London

We know that the events held at your venue provide golden opportunities to connect, build relationships and enjoy the exhibits on show.

Carbon Free Events is a unique differentiatior, enabling event venues and management companies to go one step further and provide life changing opportunities in the developing world for poor people to leave a life of poverty for good...

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Holding an Event

Carbon Free Events - Holding An Event

Running an event and looking to step your game up? Carbon free events will thrust you into the limelight for the most down to earth yet life changing reasons.

Fight poverty and offset the carbon footprint of your exhibitors and/or delegates. Be seen, especially with highly visible events, as an environmentally conscious event owner. Work with us to create a feel good factor like no other...

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Event Management

Carbon Free Events - Event Owners

One of the first tasks when managing an event is to engage a wide audience, people don’t always share the same interests or perceptions.

Carbon free Events let people see your management company differently; we help you to connect with clients on a whole new level, by showcasing your care for the environment and championing the message that attending your event empowers communities across the developing world...

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Online Event Management & Ticketing

Carbon Free Events - Online Event Management & Ticketing

We make it simple for Online event management and ticketing companies to dramatically add value to every event you manage through your online business. Be known as the ticket merchant who fight poverty and offset carbon footprints.

Being as passionate about reducing carbon footprints as we are about supporting life changing projects for rural communities in third world countries...

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